Telescopic Crane Scorpio 10’


    Features with the standard Electronic Box (without screen).

    • Automatic compensator of the arc generated by the movement of the arm in both horizontal and vertical.

    • Programmable Electronic limits for the arm range.

    • Adjustable arm speed and stop damping adjustable.

    • Tilt, Pan and Arm encoder reading for motion capture jobs. The Electronic Box will have an optional removable display that will give access to some information and features additional to the standard Electronic Box, such:

    • Screen display of the arm range, vertical and horizontal angles, height to the optic axis in meters and feet, the speed and the damping.

    • Movement Generator of the telescopic arm in relation to the horizontal or vertical movement.

    • Capability of memorizing the telescopic movement of the arm.

    • The Stop Sequence will program different range modes for the telescopic arm.

    • Smooth and precise movement in both high and slow speed.

    • Noise reduction system of the telescopic arm movement. One of the new features, now also available for any Scorpio Crane, is the possibility of interfacing both Scorpio crane and Scorpio Head. This allows features like:

    • Back panning, the generator of trajectory and synchronization for the memory menus. It also has a new generation of Levelling Head:

    • With real horizon.

    • Over-slung and under-slung capability.

    • Adjustable level offset, both manually and electronically.

    • Allows to create a manual movement on the arm, levelling the head to the horizon.