Flight Head COLIBRI


    • Sleek and modern design
    • Precise and responsive control
    • Accommodates all popular compact broadcast and film camera packages
    • Cmotion and WCU4, Preston (zoom) compatible
    • Control: Joystick console, hand wheels, panbar
    • Quick release camera balance plate
    • Mount type: Mitchell or fmount
    • Underslung / Overslung
    • Silent operation
    • Wired / Wireless
    • Water resistant
    • Angular position indication
    • Recorded moves
    • Custom horizon
    • Hold position
    • PID presets
    • Limits
    • No drift


    Pan limit: 360°
    Tilt limit: +250°, -70°
    Roll limit: ±60°, autohorizon or steerable
    Speed: 120°/ sec
    Temperature range: from -20°C up to +40°C
    Head weight: 10kg
    Max. payload: 20kg
    Max. payload for use on a tracking vehicle: 15kg