Micro Hot Head


  • Smooth and quiet operation Extremely slow and fast speed Instant response speed VISCA camera control Zoom and focus control Default positions.
  • The Micro Hot Head is small and fully equipped for live action movements and preset positions along with complete camera and lens control using RS485 data from a controller.
  • With HD- SDI camera and lens.
  • For use with Remote Control Panels (RCP)
  • Possibility of use wide angle converter.
  • Can be remote controlled with cable or wireless
  • Can be mounted inverted or even side mounting for vertical shots.



  • Weight 1.7kg.
  • Data: RS485.
  • Power: 12-16 @ 600mA.
  • Pan RAnge: 320deg. Or 360 deg. Continuous for SR.
  • Tilt Range: +/- 130deg from vertical.
  • Speed Range: <0.05deg/sec -120deg/sec. Other speeds on request.
  • Remote: Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Iris, Focus, Auto White balance , Manual Withite, Preset White, Rgain, Bgain, Mped, Rped, Bped, Detail, Shutter, Gain, Gamma, Dzoom On/Off, Auto Iris, On/Off, Auto Focus On/Off, IR Mode On/Off, Output Standard HD/SD etc. Preset Store (P,T,Z,F), Preset Recall, P,T ereverse,Hi/Lo speeds, Turbo Speed.
  • Operating Temp: -10 to +45degc Out of sunlight.
  • Options: Multi frequency radio data reciver.